The Indian parents criteria in choosing their future in-law

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It is already known that marriage is a great deal in India and other nations that practice arranged marriage or the practice that parents are the ones who will choose a partner for their children. There are those who are not that much strict in the criteria as they are just looking for someone who can give a high dowry or other things. But for those who are serious about it are very careful in choosing one. Let us know some of those criteria that they use in choosing the partner of their children.

One of it is religion. This is the top priority for them. As they have different practices and views in regard to religion so they prefer to choose one that belongs to their own. They also have the classification of people and they called it caste and there are sub-caste. This is also another basis for them. It should belong to the same caste and even sub-caste. It is somewhat related also to culture. They would choose the same culture as it affects character and opinions.

Another important consideration is the horoscope. That is because using this method, a character of one person could be predicted.

It is an intensive process and a priest must do it. There should be matches but there are also prescribed ways to mitigate the negativities that would be given.

Another criterion is the professional achievement as parents should make sure the boy would be able to support their child. Of course, physical appearance is also part of the criteria. A girl must be beautiful and fair skinned are preferred than others. Knowledge of house chores is also considered.