Arranged Marriage

There are many who can object to an arranged marriage. That is because they say that you should marry someone that you love. But as wedding and marriage is a big part of the life of Indians so most people today are still practicing the culture. Even if it is one country but there are different castes and sub-castes. They also have a different culture, religion, and others that would make some families be warry and make effort so that they would choose someone that is best suitable for their children.

It is true that there are those who let their children marry at such a young age and the problem of child brides are still rampant. But we will not talk about that.

Even if the age is called modern or advance but there is the strong practice f arranged marriage. Mosty Indians still prefer to marry someone that their parents have chosen. If based on figures, there is a great success to an arranged marriage as compared to ones that are chosen by the child themselves.

Parents take it seriously in choosing their future in-law. In the present time, the method is more relax as those who are chosen as matches in the sites could interact with each other directly as opposed to the old times. They can meet on a date and feel if they will continue to meet or to find another possible match. Parents have a high standard as they want men who have the correct value and financial capacity.